Welcome to the MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Server (Torduckin).
Originally Operated From September 1997 to September 12, 2001
This Anoymizing Proxy Service is Now Ready To Begin Serving You From May 1, 2011 until ???

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News and Updates - As of March 2020

May 2018 - Upgraded easy-rsa scripts package and scripts / added more nodes

Sep 2017 - Upgraded OpenVPN to use 4096bit/RSA, AES-256-CBC, SHA512

Dec 2016 - Changed OpenVPN 2048bit SSL Certificates Refresh Interval to One Hour.

Jul 2016 - Completed Hardware Upgrade and Software Refresh.

Dec 2015 - Normal Holiday Software Maintainence including all SSL/SSH keys upgraded to 2048 bit RSA and SHA-512 as needed.

Nov 2014 - OpenVPN DoS detected ... Performing Normal Holiday Period Hardware/Software Maintainence.

Aug 2014 - UPDATE: Completed Citadel Modifications and Upgrade

Jun 2014 - Completed OS and Application upgrades for OpenSSL, OpenSSH, TLS issues.

Apr 2014 - Completed all upgrades for System, Virtual Image, and Citadel Server.

Sep 2013 - OpenVPN 2048bit SSL Certificates will be auto-generated every six(6) hours.

Jun 2013 - Testing new scripts for auto-build & deploy from scratch every hour.

Mar 2013 - Integrated 2-Factor Authentication. The VPN and Tor Onion Collaboration Server are back online.

Oct 2011 - UPDATE: Testing MRTG Based Traffic and Usage Graphs ( Anatidaephobia ) - Final Display ( Bandwidth / # of Users / etc. ) -- TBD

Aug 29, 2011 - NOTE: Discovered active blocking taking place inbound to the Torduckin Servers. -- FIXED 08/29/2011 @ 1715

You should be viewing proxy.html through one of our following locations:
  1. MagusNet Tor Onion Site 1
  2. MagusNet Tor Onion Site 2
  3. MagusNet Tor Onion Site 3
  4. MagusNet Tor Onion Site 4

If you are seeing this page or any portion of this page recreated at
another URL please contact MagusNet, LLC. with the URL. Thank you.
The SSL enabled sites ( with http redirects to https ) are coming in January 2016

This site does not have any connection to the great folks that work very hard at making Tor work as well as it does.
This product is produced independently from the Tor anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.
Please make sure to visit the Tor Project: Trademark FAQ
If you are interested in working on or with Tor Project sponsored projects please visit About Tor - The Onion Router
This site does not have any connection to the great folks that work very hard at making OpenVPN work as well as it does.
If you are interested in working on OpenVPN please visit OpenVPN Community Open Source Software Project

The MagusNet Public Proxy ( Torduckin ) Warrant Canary

The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy (Torduckin) FAQ

Electronic Frontier Foundation Warrant Canary FAQ

This free VPN based proxy uses encryption and multiple servers to address one of the major concerns of Internet users.
*** Anonymity ***
Another goal is to demonstrate that I can build virtual appliance systems capable of supporting thousands of users securely, in a scalable cloud based, virtual environment.

***** The Free Proxy for Internet connectivity uses Tor with OpenVPN so you can connect with SOCKS 4a or SOCKS 5 on TCP port 9050 only.*****
***** A Private CITADEL BBS collaboration server is available and only accessible on one of our Tor Onion Sites. *****
( Over 20,000 users as of August 2014 )
The entire Private CITADEL BBS collaboration server is DELETED and RE-CREATED monthly or as needed to protect its users!
( The Maximum Lifespan of all our servers will be 30 days starting January 1, 2013.)

***** VPN User Activity ***** ( over 10,000 Active VPN Sessions in use as of August 2014 )

      The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy a.k.a (Torduckin) 
      We are actively seeking financial Donations, Grants, and Philanthropic sources to pay for
      bandwidth and servers to continuously build out as a fully free globally distributed service.
      Donations of any kind ( especially hardware ) are always welcome.
      If you have a working 64bit X86 Server you are willing to donate, get in touch with me :)

      Why do I do it?

      I created and ran the original MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy (based on DeleGate) starting in 1997 and 
      decided to come back with a new MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy (Torduckin) in 2011 to do something better
      based on my experience in Information Security and development of innovative ways of deploying Information 
      and Communications Technology (ICT).

      I want to be able to give globally by promoting the following:

      - Freedom of Opinion and Expression beyond National Borders
      - Anonymity and Privacy to Communicate Freely 

      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

      The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

      "Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority...It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the
      Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation
      and their ideas from suppression at the hand of an intolerant society."  - Justice Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court 

MagusNet Blog

The Legal FAQ for Tor Relay Operators
OpenVPN Info
(Tor) The Onion Router Info
Tor2Web - visit anonymous websites
Tor On Wikipedia
Virtual Distributed Ethernet
The Global Network Initiative
Internet Freedom Project - U.S. State Department
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Bitcoin - Peer-to-Peer Currency.
MagusNet Onion Site Entry in the Bitcoin Blockchain

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DOWNLOADS - (OpenVPN Configuration Files - These are deleted and generated every 6 hours!

[ Download the OpenVPN Config Files for VPN Access (.zip / .tgz )]
[ Download the MagusNet GNUPG Public Key for Email ]
MagusNet Tor Onion Site 1 - Collaboration Services
MagusNet Tor Onion Site 2 - Collaboration Services
MagusNet Tor Onion Site 3 - Collaboration Services
MagusNet Tor Onion Site 4 - Collaboration Services
[ OpenVPN - Sample Startup Script]

*** Please consider assisting by making a donation through our Kiva Team ***
MagusNet - Kiva Page
Team MagusNet - Kiva Page

*** Please consider assisting by making a donation through Square Cash ***
Use Square to send Cash to: proxy @ magusnet.com

Due to the many negative issues we have experienced - We cannot Accept Paypal or Google Based Donations!!!

*** Please help us meet our financial obligations through Go Fund Me:
MagusNet GoFundMe Page
Thank you all for your continued support.

*** Bitcoin Donations are Accepted: 1NbLnEC39Qd5pqEBEQPUNgEDHfGngABMdV

Torduckin Bitcoin Donation QC

FREE Features and Setup/Usage Info


The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Servers (Torduckin) run 100% diskless in Virtual Machines!
The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Servers (Torduckin) are currently configured to support 10,000 concurrent global users per node which allows us to scale to any size based on demand.
The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Servers (Torduckin) communication path looks like this:

YOU===OpenVPN Tunnel===VDE Encrypted Tunnel===MagusNet Public Proxy===Tor/SSH===Web Site

9/2013 - Due to the latest information about Intelligence gathering, I now push SSH through Tor instead of Tor through SSH.

For security and maintenance purposes all Torduckin Virtual Machines are regularly deleted and reloaded into RAM from Read-Only media.
Take a look at the MagusNet Public Proxy FAQ for more details and updates.
For the foreseeable future automated reloads will be done hourly to ensure complete purging of activities and system logs and is done whenever we generate new certificates/keys for download.
- Access to the Proxy Server SOCKS Port is through OpenVPN only.
- You can expect speeds up to 1Mbps depending on the number of active users.
- OpenVPN supports encrypted communications on many operating systems, devices, and mobile phones. ( Tested CYANOGENMOD + OpenVPN + ProxyDroid )
- OpenVPN Certificates are automatically generated with 2048 bit keys.


1. Download the latest openvpn.tgz/openvpn.zip file for OpenVPN access and unpack the file in a location of your choice
2. Read the file named "OPENVPN_SERVER_IP.txt" to make sure you have the right OpenVPN Server IP(s) in the file named "guest.ovpn"
3. Use guest.ovpn in OpenVPN to connect to the MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy Server
4. Update your web browser, system, and/or tools to use our SOCKS Server and Port as found in "OPENVPN_SERVER_IP.txt"
5. Make sure you are using host default gateway for DNS if you cannot configure DNS lookups with SOCKS4a or SOCKS5
6. Go Here with a Web Browser to Test: https://check.torproject.org
7. Make sure to read how to properly use Tor!!!

Optional Paid Account Features and Usage Info in Addition to the Free Services
Introduced in Torduckin 1.1 ( Flick ):
- The assigned outbound IP Address is USA based for Service Location Purposes
- Torduckin Proxy Connectivity is by OpenSSH with SOCKS and will also be forwarded and routed directly to the Internet
- Load balanced server configuration to support many thousands of concurrent global users.
- OpenVPN supports encrypted communications on many operating systems, devices, and mobile phones. ( Tested with CYANOGENMOD + OpenVPN + ProxyDroid )
- You will be issued OpenVPN Certificates and placed on a dedicated SOCKS port on your own system
- Flat Monthly Rate of $30.00 USD
Apply for A Torduckin Unrestricted Account Here
- If you are an Organization that wishes to use a dedicated VPN server, please contact MagusNet, LLC. < proxy @ magusnet.com > to discuss a custom solution.


Use of the service implies acceptance of this: MagusNet LLC. Acceptable Use Policy.
In some cases you may want to go to a WWW site and have it appear that you are coming from somewhere else.
The OpenVPN Software used is set up for encrypting the session with 2048 bit SSL for even more security between you
and this site while you browse the WWW anonymously and safely.
This is also a good way to thwart attempts to filter WWW content by geographic location, hosts, domains, or software packages.
As with any product which claims to make you anonymous, the user must rely on the operator. In this case MagusNet, LLC.
I ask for donations and sell accounts because my budget for bandwidth is not infinite
and this is on an internal testing system so I have to raise funds to keep this going.

Can The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy (Torduckin) be trusted?
All proxy servers are designed to create system logs of activities and transactions.
There is not a 100% guarantee of privacy since MagusNet, LLC. could be reconfigured to
have access to these logs.
Until such time as a reason for having to produce or store the proxy logs arises,
the logs for the MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy are automatically securely wiped at minimum on an hourly basis
and at maximum every 24 hours.
There is no use for any system logs except to examine usage statistics and bandwidth abuses.
Logging of source and/or destination IP addresses is never done in any of our servers for any reason
and that policy is in place to preserve and protect privacy and anonymity.
Should that policy ever change, the proxy will be shut down and a note made of it here before determining the feasibility of resuming service.


Systematic abuses over time will eventually cause this service to be changed over to a pure login/password format or a fee only service.

Be Patient! There may be times that this service is very slow or unavailable. Because of tests involving security and coding, sometimes you may have to submit a URL more than once before it works properly and responds quickly.
This service is built for security, not speed!
This is our proxy test platform so do not be surprised if the connection drops out or weird things happen from time to time.

You agree not to use the service for any illegal purposes 
or for the transmission of material that is unlawful, 
harassing, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, 
abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, 
tortious, or otherwise objectionable, or that infringes or may
infringe the intellectual property or other rights of another.

Abuse of this service includes but is not limited to:
Sending Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial Email [SPAM].
Email Address Harvesting from WWW pages.
Unsolicited Commercial Postings to WWW Boards.
Use of (BitTorrent, PointCast,Real Channels,Netcaster,etc.), 
or tools used to to index,download, or mirror remote sites 
with any program,spider,robot,etc., and use up limited bandwidth. 
Denial of Service attacks of any kind against this site or other sites.
Disruption or Denial of Service in Chat Rooms or other areas.
Any scans of any sites for passwords or any known or unknown exploits
or security holes.
Read the complete policy here:
MagusNet Acceptable Use Policy

================== MRTG Based Traffic and Usage Graphs - Under Consideration ( Anatidaephobia )

MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy (Torduckin) FAQ

Remember: * Use Responsibly and read the Acceptable Use Policy. * The MagusNet Anonymous Public Proxy is Free. * If you don't know what you are doing, read first, then ask! Click Here to Send Feedback and Stuff... * If you don't like MagusNet, LLC. policy, go somewhere else or start your own Anonymous Public Proxy and give something back to the Internet.

FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS/COMMENTS =========================== If you are having difficulty using this proxy, please send an email to proxy @ magusnet.com and include the proxy error in the email by "cut and paste" into the message body. Do not send attachments, they will not be read. Do not send emails that have "Help" in them without the info above. Include as much detail as you are comfortable revealing about your browser, what you were doing, and any other info that might be relevant.

If you create a link to this page from any WWW page, please contact
me and let me know. I will also add a reciprocal link here for you.
Business Hours are Monday thru Friday - 8am to 6pm EDT/EST
Email Inquiries to:     proxy @ magusnet.com
Feedback Form: Click Here to Send Feedback and Stuff...
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